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    Innovation is a new idea, a more effective device or process.
    Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements.
    This is accomplished through more effective products, processes,?services, technologies?and?ideas?that are readily available to markets, governments?and society.
    The term innovation can be defined as something original and more effective and, as a consequence,
    new, that “breaks into” the market or society.

    TexRay offers and research a wide range of Innovative solutions for your projects.

    Cooling Performance on an Unsurpassed Level

    Heat Wave Blocking – Quick Heat Release – Quick Dry – Temperature Regulator – UV Protection

    • The patented TCool Clima-System blocks infrared and harmfl UV-Rays to guarantee perfect moisture and temperature Management.
    • Tcool keeps you cool in every Situation.

    Experience a New Way to Keep Warm

    Light Weight?– Temperature?Regulator?– Heat Recycling??–?Eco-Friendly

    • THot heat recycling system absorbs energy from sourrounding infrared sources and regenerates it as heat into the fabric.
    • Reduce the need for heavy, think insulation.
    • The Best solution for Cold weather environments is the patented THot Nano technology by TexRay

    The Green future in Textile Business starts with ECO-lor

    Excellent Color Fastness?– Broad Range of Color?– No Color Migration?–?Superior Color Consistency

    • In the Textile Industry, the traditional Piece Dyeing Process results in a great deal of pollution and wastes enormous amounts of water.
    • Solution dyed fabrics offer an environmental friendly solution for this problem.
    • Adding color to the polymer before the Yarn Spinning Process,?decrease?the water and energy consumption?immensely.
    • Maintain Ecological Balance by?Reducing impact on Environment; Less Energy Input, Less Water Consumption, Less CO2.

    Quick Dry

    One-Way Hygroscopic、Super Quick Dry、Comfortable Skin Touch、Superior Microclimate Management

    The new knitting technology from TexRay constructs
    the inner “Hydro- Channel” within fabric to transport
    the skin sweat to the shell for a quick dry and comfy

    Freezing Experience

    Comfortable Microclimate Maintenance、Skin Friendly、Moisture Management、Instant Cooling

    The new technology from Coolitol transforms the sweat into an instant “ Absolute Zero”, freezing experience.

    Temperature Regulation

    Wicking、Superior Hand Feel、Excellent Insulation、Compatibility With Other Fiber

    With perfect blending, Woolmiracle combined the advantages of both the Merino Wool and synthetic fiber.
    The unprecedented functionalities such as quick dry, wicking, temperature regulation, insulation…etc. make Woolmiracle another WOW texture material.


    Seamless、Heat Dissipation Management、Customization、Ergonomic Design

    Harsh environment is like battlefield! With not only the excellent support, stability and sore-relief for body muscle but temperature regulation and moisture management, T-mapping is the perfect gear you wish to put on.

    Security, Safety and Trendy

    Luminescent?-Weatherproof – Non-Toxic?–?Eco Friendly Reusable

    • Laluna is a luminous printing fabric, both with eco-friendly, non-toxic, weatherproof and trendy benefits.
    • By absorbing sunlight or fluorescent light, it glows or shines automatically in the dark.
    • Enjoy your favorite activities freely and safely day or night !

    Thermal Printing Technology

    Keep Warm、Moisture Management、Lightweight

    ? Thermal printing technology
    ? Hot TattoTM is a thermo-conductive printing technology that can absorb and retain body heat.
    ? The visualized pattern shows the warmth performance with style.
    ? Hot TattoTM not only makes you warm but extends the time of warmth.

    All Weather All Comfort

    Dynamic Stretch、Lightweight、Abrasion Resistant、Breathable、Windproof、Water Repellent、Anti See-Through

    BreathLight uses the film to 1.5~3 layer.
    It has great ability about abrasion resistant, elastic and breathable. It can be used on inside or outside.
    In addition to transparent color, it also have three different colors of film with great ability to UV protection.
    It’s perfect for ultra light and breathable shield.
    Foam coating technology to bond two elastic, light weight fabrics into one while giving it dynamic stretch and ultra light weight.
    In addition, its anti see-through ability is ideal for jackets and leggings.

    Contrastive Color Flowing

    Moisture management、Thermo regulation、Ultra stylish

    ColorflowTM use a 3D structure and contrastive color that allows the fabric to change color during workouts.
    It is perfect to be combined with a base layer to enhance the “color flowing” effect.

    The Constructive Technology

    Wind Blocking、Great Breathability、Warmth Insulation、Reversible Structure

    ?Wind Blocking
    ?Warmth Insulation
    ?Great Breathability
    ?Reversible Structure
    ?Beefy Handfeel

    ECO-Friendly Choice

    ECO-Friendly、Reduce CO2、Moisture Management、Saves Energy

    New recycled polyester fiber manufactured from used PET bottles.
    Using an environmentally friendly recycling process it does not depend on petroleum and thus effectively conserves natural resources and reduces the environmental burden without compromising quality.